Wireless Computing
  The receiver LED is not lit
Ensure that the computer is powered on and the receiver is connected to computer.

Mouse cursor does not move
  • If the LED on the mouse flashes all red, select the address.
  • If the LED flashes mixed red and green, reposition the receiver away from other equipment and as high as possible. Also, ensure the distance between the mouse and receiver is no more than 50 feet.
  • If the LED does not flash at all, replace the mouse's batteries.
  • Unplug the receiver and plug it back into the computer.
The RF-170 works, but other Wireless Computing keyboards and mice don't
The device address has the same address as another Wireless Computing device. It has probably not been changed from the factory default address. Set the device address.

Cursor moves by itself or keystrokes appear from nowhere
Your receiver is within range of another Wireless Computing product set to the same address. Re-select the address.

Can my RF-170 ever lose its address?
No. Wireless Computing devices save their address in EEPROM. This type of memory will retain the address for 10 years.

How can I get instructions for my RF-170?
You can download a PDF copy of the RF-170 instructions.

How do I set the address on the RF-170?
  1. Press and release the black button on the underside of the receiver. The LED on top of the receiver begins blinking.
  2. While the LED on the receiver blinks, press the black SELECT button on the underside of the mouse. This sets the mouse and receiver to one of 65,000 random addresses.
The RF-170 should now be addressed. The receiver will continue to blink for an additional 30 seconds allowing you to set additional devices to the same address.
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